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hot selling factory cheap price henna tattoo hair volumizing powder

Brand Name: Yancey
Color: Black

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Product Description

Product Name hot selling factory cheap price  henna tattoo hair volumizing powder
Brand name Yancey
Size 5.1*2.2*6.1CM
Capacity 2.7g+13ml


PCS/CTN 600pcs
Carton size 54*29*34
Color Black

This hair dye product is a high-quality and fashionable hair dye designed for trendsetters. It can provide you with long-lasting and vibrant hair color effects. It uses advanced hair dyeing technology to penetrate deeply, making the hair color more even and natural, while not causing damage to the hair. In addition to hair dyeing, this product can also be used for festive body painting, making you more outstanding at festivals or parties. It is easy to apply and does not fall off after drying, making your body painting more durable. This product uses natural plant extracts, does not contain harmful chemicals, is safe and non-irritating, and is suitable for various hair and skin types. Let you enjoy the fun of beautiful hair dyeing and body painting with peace of mind.

Using the scene

Hair dye powder is a common hair dyeing tool that is widely used in hair salons, beauty salons, and personal homes. Here are some points to introduce the application scenarios of the product:

1. Hair salons and beauty salons: Hair dye powder is one of the commonly used hair dyeing tools in hair salons and beauty salons. Hairdressers can choose different colors and formulas according to the customer's needs and hair characteristics, and provide personalized hair dyeing services for customers.

2. Personal homes: Hair dye powder is also suitable for home use, allowing you to easily dye your hair at home. It is easy to use, just mix the powder with water, apply it to the hair, and wait for a period of time to get the desired hair color effect.

3. Festive body painting: Hair dye powder can also be used for body painting, such as Halloween makeup, party makeup, etc. Just mix the powder with water, apply it to the body, and easily complete the desired painting effect.

In summary, hair dye powder is a multifunctional hair dyeing tool that is suitable for various scenarios and needs.

Product Features

Powder hair dye products have the following characteristics:

1. Convenient to use: Powder hair dye products are easy to mix and apply, making them very convenient to use.

2. Natural effect: Because powder hair dye can penetrate deeply into the roots of the hair, the hair color effect is more natural and the hair color is more even.

3. Strong lasting effect: The hair dye effect of powder hair dye products is long-lasting and not easy to fade, maintaining a bright hair color for a long time.

4. Wide applicability: Powder hair dye products are suitable for various hair types and hair colors, and can meet the needs of different people.

5. High safety: Powder hair dye products use natural plant extracts, do not contain harmful chemicals, are safe and non-irritating, and do not cause damage to hair and skin.

6. Multifunctional: Powder hair dye products can not only be used as hair dyes, but also for festive body painting, such as Halloween makeup, party makeup, etc.

In summary, powder hair dye products have the characteristics of convenience, naturalness, durability, wide applicability, safety, and multifunctionality, making them an excellent hair dyeing tool.

How to Use:

The usage of powder hair dye is as follows:

1. Prepare tools: Hair dye gloves, hair dye brush, hair dye bowl, towel, etc.

2. Mix hair dye: Pour the hair dye powder into the hair dye bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, and mix evenly according to the proportion in the instructions.

3. Apply hair dye: Apply the mixed hair dye to dry hair, starting from the roots, and use a hair dye brush to evenly apply, ensuring that each hair is covered.

4. Wait: Wait for a certain period of time according to the instructions, allowing the hair dye to fully penetrate into the hair for the desired hair dye effect.

5. Rinse hair: Thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water until the water runs clear.

6. Hair care: Use hair conditioner or hair mask after hair dyeing to provide nourishment and protection to the hair.


1. Wear hair dye gloves when using hair dye to avoid direct contact between the dye and skin.

2. Do not apply hair dye to wet hair, otherwise it will affect the hair dye effect.

3. Pay attention to the mixing ratio when using powder hair dye to avoid affecting the hair dye effect.

4. Clean the hair dye in time after use to avoid dye residue on the hair.

In summary, when using powder hair dye, attention should be paid to the mixing ratio, even application, waiting time, etc., in order to achieve the desired hair dye effect.



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