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What to look for in self-colored hair

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What to look for in self-colored hair

Dyeing your hair is like clothing, if you get it right it can take your look to a whole new level. However, if you dye your hair the wrong color or use a poor-quality hair color cream, you will lose more than you gain. If it's the wrong color, you can wait for your hair to grow out and change the color. But if you use a poor-quality coloring cream, you can cause serious damage to your hair or scalp. Here are some things to keep in mind when coloring your hair.

Here is the content list:

  • What to pay attention to before you dye your hair

  • Things to note after dyeing your hair

What to pay attention to before you dye your hair

1. Do not go for perming;

2. Do not wash your hair 2-3 days before dying, to retain the hair oil to play a protective role when dyeing your hair;

3. According to statistics, the people who are not suitable for hair color cream are people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and other diseases, it is best not to dye the most important health;

4. check the temperature of the day of hair color cream, general hair color creaming cream temperature is a specific requirement the temperature of 25 ℃ is more appropriate, the temperature is not so high I suggest that you can dye yourself a little longer or buy a heating cap is also feasible;

5. It is best to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the face and neck before dyeing the hair to prevent the hair color cream solution from sticking to the face, which is difficult to wash off;

6. Look at the things that come with the hair color cream you buy. Some are complete, but others are missing things such as shawls, hats, and ear caps that are needed for hair color;

7.The most important thing is that you need to try the hair color cream on the back of your ear to see if you are allergic to it before you start dyeing your hair, as some people are allergic to some of the ingredients in hair color creams (such as phenylenediamines, aniline, oxidants, etc.); once you have done all this, you can start dyeing your hair. However, it is recommended to find a good friend to help you dye your hair, so that you don't get a patch of color afterward, and to let your friend dye your hair layer by layer so that the color is more even.

Things to note after dyeing your hair

1. It is best not to wash your hair within 48 hours after dyeing it with hair color cream;

2. After dyeing your hair, it is best to dry it naturally and not to blow it with a hair dryer because if you blow your hair with a hot wind, the heat will be uneven and will affect the coloring of the hair color cream;

3. Do a good job of daily hair sunscreen try not to sunscreen, go out with an umbrella or a hat;

4. Wash your hair a few days after dyeing it with hair color cream, and use a shampoo and conditioner that will make your hair color last longer;

5. usually need to use some hair protection oil or nutrient solution applied to the hair after dyeing with hair color cream;

6. Usually have the economic conditions can go to a hair salon to do baking oil, hair care, and other items; students, and moonlighters can also buy their hair care products to do their hair spa at home;

The Hair Color Cream series has more than 50 colors and more than 100 products, which meet the needs of different consumers for various hair colors and are more convenient and fast to use.

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