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What should I be aware of when using hair color creams?

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What should I be aware of when using hair color creams?

Hair color creams are cosmetic products used to change the color of the hair, intending to change the color of the hair. However, the damage caused by hair color creams cannot be ignored. Although there are many reports from abroad that hair color creams are carcinogenic, there are many ingredients in hair dye that are not fully understood in nature Here's what to look out for when using hair color creams!

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  • Product Description

  • Minimizing hair damage

  • Perform a skin test

Product Description

Dyeing beautiful hair depends on your skin tone, work environment, personal preference, etc. Just as the color of paint is carefully chosen when decorating a house, the safety of the ingredients in hair color creams is a very important part of hairdressing. Hair color creams can change the visual effect of your hair, adding definition to the layers and giving it a light, shiny and refreshing look.

Minimizing hair damage

The biggest concern with hair color in general is the damage that hair color creams can do to your hair. For people who have bleached and picked a lot of hair, the process of coloring the hair destroys the original proteins and amino acids due to the number of alkaline substances that enter the hair. As a result, dyed hair becomes dry and loses its luster and elasticity. Hair color creams are inevitably damaging to the hair and we should try to use hair color creams with low alkaline content. When coloring hair, it is usually done with some conditioner, which is the popular conditioner dye - conditioning and coloring hair at the same time.

The biggest damage to the hair according to professionals is that hair color creams contain hydrogen peroxide. This substance has a bleaching effect in addition to oxidation. It used to be that white hair was dyed black and did not need bleaching, as long as the color was formed. Popularly dyed in different colors, yellow, and burgundy, this requires special substances in the hair color cream.

Perform a skin test

It is important to perform a skin test when coloring your hair with a hair color cream. Hair color is like make-up and if your skin is sensitive, it is important to be safe when coloring your hair. It is usually necessary to do a skin test by applying the hair dye to your neck or behind your ears. Then observe if there are any allergic reactions such as redness or swelling so that it is safer to dye your hair after doing the test. Some alkaline hair color creams, if applied directly to the scalp, may lead to increased dandruff, as the pH value of the skin is weakly acidic, and alkaline substances can cause the skin to peel.

Over the years, we have been constantly improving, focusing on R & D and production, improving the production environment, and adopting advanced We are confident that we can give you the best hair color-related products and services, and we welcome customers to come and order our hair color creams.

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