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What is the principle of hair color creams?

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What is the principle of hair color creams?

As the quality of life continues to improve, appearance is becoming more and more important to people and it is not difficult to find it when walking down the street. Dyeing hair, especially colored hair, has become a consumer fad. Depending on the consumer's requirements, many colors can be dyed: grape red, gorgeous purple, wine red, and so on. So, here's a look at how hair color creams are dyed!

Here is the content list:

  • Learn about the general categories of hair color creams

  • Principle of formation

Learn about the general categories of hair color creams

Temporary hair color creams: these are usually sprayed on at a party to give a temporary color. They are hair color creams that don't even bother to get close to the hair, they just adhere temporarily, wash your hair once and it's gone.

Semi-permanent hair color creams: this type of hair color cream does not force open the hair surface scales to promote penetration, but simply penetrates into the hair strands with a difference in concentration. This type of hair color cream does not penetrate very deeply but does not harm the hair and the effect lasts for about a month.

Permanent hair color cream: This type of hair color cream generally uses some chemicals to force open the hair scales on the surface of the hair, and then to promote the penetration of the hair color cream into the hair in the form of intermediates. The hair is then colored by forming a bond within the strands, with the smaller going in and the larger coming out.

Principle of formation

For the skin of the head, on the one hand, most of the dye intermediates used in permanent hair color creams are amines or phenols. These substances may cause irritation to the scalp, or if you are already prone to skin irritation, you may be irritated again by this irritation; on the other hand, as mentioned above, once the dye intermediates of the permanent hair color have entered the hair strands, some chemicals are used to induce polymerization and the formation of larger bonds. The most common chemical used in this step is around 3-10% hydrogen peroxide, which is the actual source of the ammonia smell that we can often detect.

In the case of the hair strands, the coloring process is completed by the polymerization of the oxidizing hair color paste inside the hair to form polymeric pigments, a process that inevitably damages the internal composition of the hair. When the hair follicles are damaged by hair color creams and become rough, or even have their scales peeled, the structure of the hair follicles is no longer intact and continuous and cannot keep the moisture and nutrients within the hair strands from being lost, then it is easy for the hair strands to dry out, split and lose their elasticity and become less flexible. So, the use of conditioner is still essential, conditioner can better maintain the hair and make it smooth. This is especially true for hair that has just been permed and dyed with a hair color cream, which requires a conditioner.

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