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What is the basic principle of dyeing hair dye?

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What is the basic principle of dyeing hair dye?

Beauty-loving women are trying fashionable and trendy hair dyeing, and the key to fashionable hair dyeing is the choice of hair dye color.

  • What are the precautions for using hair dye?

  • How to choose the right hair dye?

  • What is the basic principle of dyeing hair dye?

What are the precautions for using hair dye?

After dyeing your hair, if you want the color to last longer, try not to use shampoo products that are too alkaline in the future, and use hair care products after shampooing, otherwise the pigment will be easily lost and the color will fade easily.

Do you now know how to use hair dye for better results? Be sure to do a good job of protection before dyeing your hair. When dyeing your hair, put on an old piece of clothing. Remember to wear a plastic glove. If the hair dye gets on your hands, it is difficult to wash off. If you are dyeing your hair for the first time, try to do an allergy test first. Take a small amount of hair dyeand apply it to the ear and test it. After 24 hours, you can continue to dye your hair without any allergic reaction.

How to choose the right hair dye?

1. Natural or neutral colors

Natural or neutral colors are suitable for all skin types, whether you have cool or warm skin tones. This is the least error-prone method if you are bothered by the choice of colors.

2. Pick a color that matches your original hair color

Choose the color that suits your original hair color, and Chinese people have pure black hair color, so the dark brown and cherry red color are not exaggerated and more suitable for domestic women. The specific color that is suitable for you needs to be determined according to each person's skin tone. If you have cool-toned skin, choose cool-toned hair to highlight, so that it will not cause abrupt contrast effects.

3. Use no more than 2 hair dyes

Do not use more than 2 color hair dyes, and it is best to match two colors with similar shades to create a sense of hierarchy. This is the most basic rule. If you dye your hair at home, you should not use too difficult color matching. Challenged.

What is the basic principle of dyeing hair dye?

hair dyeing is to dye the pigment into the inside of the hair, and the color after dyeing is presented through the epidermis of the hair, and the epidermis has no color. So, the process of dyeing hair is very complicated. If you are not satisfied with the color after dyeing, it will not be easy to wash off. You must change the color. To change the color, you need to bleach the hair to rinse out the dyed pigment in the hair before you can re-dye the hair. Not only does it hurt the hair, but the operation is also very troublesome.

hair dyeing is a complex chemical process

The process of dyeing hair, to put it simply, is to remove some of the natural pigments in the hair through oxidation, and then put artificial pigments into the hair. The color of artificial and natural colors mixed in hair is what we see with the naked eye.

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