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What are the main ingredients of hair dye?

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What are the main ingredients of hair dye?

How to choose a color when using hair dye for the first time? Can you dye your hair without bleaching? What should be paid attention to? Let's talk about this topic below.

What are the main ingredients of hair dye?

How to choose the color of hair dye according to your skin tone?

What is the rationale for using hair dye?

What are the main ingredients of hair dye?

1. Alkalizing agent ammonia: The main function is to open the cuticles and lay the foundation for the entry of pigments.

2. Intermediates: (pigment precursors,) the most important compounds in this type of dyes are p-bendiamine, p-aminophenol, pro-phenylenediamine, etc. Dye intermediates can directly develop color after being oxidized. There are nearly 30 intermediates that can be used as intermediates of permanent hair dyes, but there are about 10 commonly used in the market.

3. Coupling agent: The coupling agent is mainly some groups, substituted benzene derivatives in the meta position, it is not easily oxidized by hydrogen peroxide, but can be coupled or condensed with the oxides of dye intermediates to generate dyes of various shades. , The difference between the coupling agent and the intermediate is that the intermediate is easily oxidized and can directly develop color, while the coupling agent is not easily oxidized and does not directly develop color, but only develops color after coupling or condensation with the oxide of the intermediate.

How to choose the color of hair dye according to your skin tone?

The relationship between dyeing and skin color is very large. Choosing a bad hair color will affect the brightness of the skin color. For example, people with dark skin, if you choose a hair color that is too light, it will make the skin appear darker. People with yellow skin, if you choose orange, dull blue and other colors, it will appear darker and yellower, which will make your skin look dirty and even sick.

People with fair skin don't care what color, as long as it is a color that they can control, they are suitable. But people with darker and yellowish skin should even choose hair color. Under normal circumstances, when choosing a hair color, you will refer to your skin tone and the style of your daily wear color to decide the hair color that suits you.

Friends who dye their hair for the first time must understand clearly that they are not satisfied after dyeing their hair and want to change the color, but it is a big project. It must be washed and bleached, which is very complicated and hurts the hair. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing your hair color.

What is the rationale for using hair dye?

Before dyeing hair, the color difference must be calculated for the target color and background color, so that the correct hydrogen peroxide and dyeing cream can be selected when dyeing hair. After smearing on the hair, the ammonia water in the dye cream opens the cuticles, hydrogen peroxide enters the hair, bleaches some of the natural pigments, and at the same time mixes with the artificial pigments into a large molecule in the hair, and the color remains in the hair. , this is the principle of hair coloring.

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