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What are the classifications of hair dyes?

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What are the classifications of hair dyes?

There are mainly three types of hair dyes on the market. How should we choose the right hair dye according to our own needs? Please read the following article to find the answer.

What are the classifications of hair dyes?

Will hair dye fade?

What are the ingredients in hair dye?

What are the classifications of hair dyes?

The first, hair dyes with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

This is also the most common hair dye at present. Most hair dyes on the market contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. This is because the combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can quickly open the scales of the hair, thereby decolorizing the hair, which is commonly known as bleaching. Then let the pigment in the hair dye penetrate to achieve the effect of dyeing the hair.

Second, ammonia-free hair dyes.

As the name suggests, this hair dye is a hair dye that does not contain ammonia water, but is replaced by other ingredients. But at the same time, its alkalizing effect will also be weakened, so it is not suitable for dyeing too light colors. If you want to dye light-colored hair, you still need to use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia for bleaching.

The third, pure plant hair dye.

Pure plant hair coloring mainly refers to the series of plant hair-raising products represented by Yun Comb Henna Powder. The pigments contained in the plant are covered on the surface of the hair to achieve the effect of coloring. Its advantages are naturally safe, healthy, not harmful to the hair, and not harmful to the hair. Allergic, but because there is no artificial chemical intervention, the color that can be selected is also very single, just the color of the plant itself, and because there is no process such as bleaching, it can only be seen on white hair or light-colored hair and in order to get the ideal coloring effect, we often need to wrap the dyed hair on the head for a longer time to enhance the stability of the coloring.

Will hair dye fade?

The process of dyeing hair is more damaging, and the pigment dyed into the hair will gradually fade away with shampooing, which means that the color just dyed is saturated and shiny, but after a period of time, the color will gradually fade away. Lightens, and finally reveals a base color that is consistent with the color of the dyed hair. To get back to your natural hair color, you'll need to re-dye it with a darker dye.

Hair color fading has little to do with the quality of the hair dye. No matter how advanced the hair dye is, the color will fade. However, the speed of color fading is related to the quality of the hair and the depth of the dyed color. Healthy hair fades slower than damaged hair, and dark color fades slower than light color. This is a basic rule that you must be aware of.

What are the ingredients in hair dye?

1. Gelling agent and thickening agent: as a gel or a paste with a certain viscosity.

2. Surfactant: as a cleaning agent and foaming agent.

3. Conditioner: In order to reduce the damage of alkaline dyes to hair, substances such as water-soluble lanolin and hydrolyzed protein are usually added to the hair dye matrix.

4. Chelating agent: catalyzes the auto-oxidation of dye intermediates.

5. Oxidation delay agent: prevent the oxidation from being too fast, not enough dye couplers and intermediates to penetrate into the inside of the hair, resulting in the consequences of not full and uneven color tone.

6. Flavor: Mask unacceptable flavors.

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