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Types of Hair Dye Products

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  1. Permanent Hair Dye: This type of dye penetrates deep into the hair shaft and permanently changes the color of your hair. It typically contains ammonia and peroxide, which help to open up the hair cuticle and deposit color inside.

  2. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye: Semi-permanent dyes coat the outside of the hair shaft without penetrating deeply. They usually last for about 6-12 washes and do not contain ammonia or peroxide.

  3. Temporary Hair Dye: Temporary dyes only coat the surface of the hair and can be washed out after one shampoo. These are often used for special occasions or events.

  4. Ammonia-Free Hair Dye: These dyes use alternative chemicals to ammonia to open up the hair cuticle, making them less harsh on your scalp and hair.

  5. Organic Hair Dye: Made from natural ingredients, organic dyes aim to minimize chemical exposure while still providing effective coloring.

  6. Hair Color Cream: A creamy formulation that is easy to apply and provides even coverage, often used in professional settings.

  7. Hair Color Powder: A powdered form that can be mixed with water or other activators before application, offering a different texture and application method compared to creams.

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