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The principle and development trend of hair dye

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The principle and development trend of hair dye

There is no doubt that hair dye has become one of the indispensable protagonists in people's work and life in the 21st century. According to incomplete statistics, to this day, the global hair dye sales volume is still growing explosively, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%, and the annual sales volume has been no less than 7 billion US dollars. become a necessity for people. So what is the principle and development trend of hair dye? Let's see together.

Here is the content list:

  • The principle of hair dyeing

  • The future development trend of hair dye

The principle of hair dyeing

Hair dye is a cosmetic that to dye hair. Hair can be dyed in different colors such as reddish brown, brown, yellow, etc. Hair dye is mainly composed of dyes, supplemented by color stabilizers, oxidants, etc. Temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes have poor color fastness and are not resistant to washing. They are mostly used for temporary hair surface decoration. Persistent hair dye dyes can effectively penetrate the interior of the hair pulp, and undergo a chemical reaction to colorize the hair.

The future development trend of hair dye

At present, with the pursuit of healthy life by consumers, more and more people are beginning to pursue the origin of natural pure plants. This trend has made the raw material market of traditional Chinese medicine herbs continue to expand, and at the same time, some non-additive and non-irritating products have been developed more rapidly.

1. Natural hair dye

In recent years, some countries such as France have successfully researched natural hair dyes using hematoxylin as raw materials, and the corresponding hair dye products imitating the process of melanin production are also expanding their research. Most of the hair-dyeing raw materials of natural hair-dyeing products are natural organic substances extracted from plants. The advantages are safety and less toxic side effects.

2. Compound hair dye

In the past, most of the hair dyes were usually single dyeing. In recent years, a new type of composite hair dyeing product that combines hair dyeing, hair care, and hair care has been developed. This kind of product not only causes less damage to the hair but also can protect and nourish hair while dyeing. It has gradually become the main force of sales in the market.

3. Fast hair dye

With the development of the new era, people have begun to pursue "fast and high quality" for the rhythm of life. To adapt to people's life rhythms, researchers have made continuous efforts to develop this fast hair dye. In the past, people needed to wait about 30 minutes to dye their hair with hair dye, but this fast hair dye shortens the time to about 10 minutes, so it is loved by consumers in the market. With the introduction of licenses in the cosmetics industry, hair dye companies have successively set up their laboratories to test some indicators of raw materials and finished products, and the hair dye industry is developing in a more scientific direction.

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