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The constantly iterative hair dye market is vast

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The constantly iterative hair dye market is vast

With the introduction of the cosmetics industry license, hair dyeing companies have set up laboratories one after another to test some indicators of raw materials and finished hair dyes. The hair dye industry is moving in a more scientific direction.

Here is the content list:

  • Hair dye has a big market in China

  • Development of hair dye

Hair dye has a big market in China

Hair dyes have the effect of changing the color of the hair. The Chinese belong to the yellow race, and most of them regard white hair dyed black as beauty, so the hair dye is relatively monotonous. Europeans and Americans are used to bleaching or bleaching their hair first, and then dyeing their hair gold, yellow, flaxen, reddish brown, violet, and so on. Therefore, its hair dye has a wide variety of designs and colors. Affected by international popular hair colors, China has also successively launched color hair dyes of various shades, making China's hair dye market shine. In the 21st century, China will enter an aging society. With the gradual increase of silver-haired people, the market demand for hair dyes will increase day by day. Moreover, the pace of life in today's society is fast and the work is tense, and the white hair and hair loss caused by tension and busyness have increased significantly, which has brought a huge market for hair dyes.

Development of hair dye

At present, with consumers' pursuit of a healthy life, more and more people are beginning to pursue natural and pure plant hair dye. This trend has made the raw material market of Chinese herbal medicines continue to expand. At the same time, some additive-free and non-irritating products, such as our chenxin Subaru hair dye, have developed rapidly.

1. Natural hair dye

In recent years, some countries such as France have successfully developed natural hair dyes using hematoxylin as a raw material, and the corresponding hair dye products that imitate the production process of melanin are also continuously expanding research. Most of the hair dyeing raw materials of natural hair dyeing products are natural organic substances extracted from plants. The advantage is that it is safe and has little toxicity and side effects.

2. Compound hair dye

In the past, most hair dyes were usually single dyes. In recent years, a new compound hair dyeing product integrating hair dyeing, hair care, and hair care has been developed. This product is not only less harmful to the hair, but also protects and nourishes the hair while coloring the hair. Gradually become the main force of market sales.

3. Quick hair color

With the development of the new era, people begin to pursue "fast and high-quality" for the pace of life. To adapt to the rhythm of people's life, researchers have been working hard to develop this fast hair dye. In the past, people had to wait about 30 minutes to dye their hair with hair dye, but this fast hair dye shortens the time to about 10 minutes, so it is loved by market consumers.

Our company has developed a wide range of hair dyes which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These hair dyes are durable. You can consider our cost-effective products. Our company website is, please feel free to inquire about us!

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