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How to use hair color cream for good results

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How to use hair color cream for good results

Hair coloring is a very common thing in our daily lives. Many young people dye their hair for fashion and many middle-aged and elderly people dye their hair to cover up grey hair and so on. Many of them choose hair color creams for their health and hair health. So how do you use hair color creams to good effect? Let's take a look at how to dye your hair for good results!

Here is the content list:

  • Before dyeing your hair

  • Coloring the hair is in progress

  • After coloring your hair

Before dyeing your hair

Keep your hair in an oilier state, so many people will not wash their hair for a few days before dyeing it. Also, do an allergy test in advance before coloring your hair, and also apply some Vaseline or cream around your hair to prevent the hair dye from sticking to your skin.

Mix the hair color creams according to the instructions and apply them to the hair. It is important to start with the ends of the hair before applying it to the top of the head. Because the scalp is warmer and therefore more prone to coloring, if you apply the hair color cream first, the top of your head will be over-colored, resulting in exposure of the top of your head, or what is often referred to as an exposed top.

Coloring the hair is in progress

We use a relatively fine comb when coloring hair as it ensures that every hair is colored with the hair color cream. After coloring, you can put on a shower cap as it speeds up the coloring process.

When coloring your hair, you can use clips to divide your hair into sections to make it easier and more evenly colored. Also, do not use any styling products such as hairspray, hair wax, etc. before coloring your hair. Wait 30-40 minutes after applying the hair color cream and then wash it off with warm water, or 20 minutes more if your hair is hard.

After coloring your hair

To maintain the color of your hair, you should not use alkaline shampoos after dyeing your hair and you should use a conditioner every time you wash your hair to help lock in the color and make it last longer. This is why the use of conditioner is essential, as it helps to maintain the hair and make it smooth. This is especially true for hair that has just been permed and dyed with a hair color cream, which requires a conditioner.

The above is how to use hair color cream with good results. We can choose natural hair color products when we dye our hair. Natural hair color creams can not only make our hair color look good but also protect our hair from damage. It is believed that natural hair color creams will be widely used in the future. Chen Xin's hair color products are extensively tested before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the products we offer to our customers.

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