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How to choose hair dye?

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How to choose hair dye?

Hair dyes can be divided into temporary hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes, and permanent hair dyes according to the persistence of dyeing, that is, in terms of firmness. Most of the hair coloring products currently on the market are permanent (oxidative) hair coloring products. So what is the way to buy hair dye? Let's take a look next.

Here is the content list:

Product category

When shopping for hair dyes

Consideration and attention when purchasing or using hair dye

Product category

1. Products can be divided into hair dye powder, hair dye shampoo, and hair dye cream (gel).

2. According to the dosage form, the product can be divided into single dosage forms and two dosage forms.

3. According to the dyeing principle, the products can be divided into oxidative hair dye and non-oxidative hair dye.

4. The oxidative hair dyes (gels) commonly seen in the market are two-part formulations. Consumers can buy products that suit their needs according to different needs.

When shopping for hair dyes

(1) Production date and shelf life; the correct date is marked in one of the following two ways:

1. Production date and shelf life, the production date is marked in the order of year, month or year, month, and day, shelf life × year or shelf life × month;

2. Production batch number and expiration date. Generally, the shelf life of hair dye products is 2 to 3 years, try to buy products produced in the same year;

(2) The label and identification on the product packaging should be complete. Special attention should be paid to the production license, hygiene license, special hygiene license, and product standard number on the label. The factory name and address should be consistent, and the precautions for use should be clear; The main component of the dye. Imported cosmetics should be marked with the approval number of the imported cosmetics hygiene license and the name and address of the distributor. If the above content is incomplete, consumers are advised to purchase with caution.

(3) From the perspective of economic benefits, small-dose packaging and cost-effective products can be selected. After the hair dye is used, the dye will continue to oxidize in the air, which will affect the use effect. It is recommended to purchase a single-use amount. The harm of hair dye does not depend on the brand or grade. As long as the hair dye itself contains chemical components such as p-phenylenediamine, the threat of the chemical components to human health will not disappear.

(4) Understand the pertinence of the product. Different ages, hair conditions, or seasons require different hair coloring products.

Consideration and attention when purchasing or using hair dye

(1) It is to use as little permanent hair dye as possible. If you want to use it, it is best to consider switching to a lighter color. At the same time, do not dye your hair with different hair dyes at the same time, because there may be chemical reactions between the hair dyes; do not use hair dyes frequently for a long time, especially chemically synthesized hair dyes; do not dye your hair again after hair dye dermatitis occurs.

(2) It is not advisable to dye the hair too many times. It is recommended to dye it twice a year, and only dye the newly grown areas. Rub some Vaseline on your scalp before dyeing your hair, as it can be easily washed off if it gets stained with the lotion. After dyeing your hair, wash it a few times to avoid leaving hair dye on your hair. When shampooing, be careful not to scratch the scalp with your fingers to avoid poisoning.

(3) Do not use hair dye to dye eyelashes and eyebrows. People with boils, skin ulcers, and people who are allergic to hair dye should not dye their hair. If you insist on dying, you must do an allergy test and rub the hair dye on the skin behind the ear. If there is no abnormal reaction within two days, you can dye your hair.

(4) Experts advise people who should not dye their hair: hypertensive patients, heart disease patients, asthma patients, couples planning to give birth, pregnant women, and lactating women.

The above is the relevant content about the purchase method of hair dye, if you are interested in salon use hair color cream, nonallergic hair dye, or 100% grey coverage hair dye, you can contact us, our website is

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