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How to buy the right quality hair color cream?

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How to buy the right quality hair color cream?

Many people love colored hair and want to dye it a nice color. Many young people choose to dye their hair to change their hair color in the pursuit of fashion, and there are many things to look out for when choosing a hair color cream. Here's how to properly buy a quality hair color cream!

Here is the content list

  • How to use hair color cream

  • Know the right hair color technique for you

  • How to choose?

How to use hair color cream

  1. Wash your hair to ensure that it is in contact with the hair color cream to produce the desired coloring effect.

  2. Apply petroleum jelly around the hairline and the neck and wrap a towel around the head and neck to avoid the skin being stained by the hair color cream.

  3. Divide the hair into strands and apply the color with a small brush, starting at the temples and working strand by strand.

  4. Apply each strand of hair thoroughly, working from the roots to the tips, applying even pressure;

  5. When all the hair is coated with the hair color cream, comb through the hair again to ensure that all the hair is evenly coated with the hair color cream.

  6. After applying the hair color cream, let the hair dry naturally for about half an hour.

  7. Wet the hair with water and shampoo to clean the hair from the hair color cream.

  8. Treat your hair with hair care products such as moisturizer.

Know the right hair color technique for you

Hair color creams come in three general forms: paste, cream, and foam. For cream and creme hair color creams, mix your color first. The hair color technique is similar to that of a hairdresser, in that a brush is used to pick up the color and carefully layer the hair with the color. The process requires patience and care and is suitable for those experienced in DIY hair color. The result is a better and longer-lasting color.

How to choose?

Distinguish between different hair color creams: Generally speaking, there are temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair color creams. These hair color creams vary in color shade, duration, and toxicity. You should be careful to weigh up the pros and cons when buying hair color creams.

There must be a regular production batch number: regular hair color creams have a production batch number and their safety has been reviewed by the Ministry of Health. Hair color creams that do not have these batch numbers are illegal and should not be purchased.

The label needs to be clear and complete: you must go to a regular shopping mall to buy hair color creams and look at the packaging to see if it is complete and if the product label is clear.

Try to buy well-known brands: There are many manufacturers of hair color creams and many different brands, so when buying hair color creams try to buy hair color products from big manufacturers and well-known brands.

The Hair Color Cream series has more than 50 colors and more than 100 products, which meet the needs of different consumers for various hair colors and are more convenient and fast to use. Now the product has high market popularity in Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions. Over the years, we have been constantly improving, focusing on R & D and production, improving the production environment, and adopting advanced production equipment.

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