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How can we use the non allergic hair dye?

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How can we use the non allergic hair dye?

A non allergic hair dye is a cosmetic that dyes your hair. Divided into temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes.

What should we prepare before using non allergic hair dye?

How to use non allergic hair dye?

What should we pay attention to when using non allergic hair dye?

What should we prepare before using non allergic hair dye?

Do not use any hair care products when washing your hair before dyeing, because these products close the hair cuticles and may affect the coloring, because the non allergic hair dye pigment can only be fully developed when the cuticles are open into the hair. When washing your hair, try to choose a shampoo product with strong alkalinity, so that the effect will be better. After washing your hair, you must blow your hair until it is completely dry before dyeing your hair, otherwise it will affect the color saturation. Find some small clips to fix the hair, and dye the hair in different areas. First, apply the hair dye evenly from the position three centimeters away from the hair root to the ends of the hair, then continue to apply all the hair strands, and finally apply the three centimeters at the root of the hair. The advantage of this is to make the hair color consistent, because the temperature near our scalp is higher than other places, so the coloring speed will be much faster.

How to use non allergic hair dye?

1. Wet your hair slightly, but do not use shampoo, dry your hair completely with a towel. Wrap an old towel around your shoulders and wear the gloves that came with the box, hold the tip of the bottle to your scalp, starting at the root of your hair, use the tip of the bottle to lift the hair to use, then put the non allergic hair dye Apply evenly to all hair

2. Massage the hair so that the non-allergic hair dye evenly coats the hair, which is very important to have an even color. Even with short hair, use up all the mixture.

3. Wait 30 minutes. Hair color will gradually darken, this is normal, do not worry. The color of the mixture will be much brighter than the dyed hair color. After 30 minutes of development time, you can get the hair color of your choice.

4. Add a little warm water to the hair and rub until foam appears, then rinse with plenty of water until the color becomes clear.

What should we pay attention to when using non allergic hair dye?

When using non allergic hair dye, use Double Brightening Nourishing Conditioner twice. First use half of Double Brightening Nourishing Conditioner, massage thoroughly, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and then use the remaining half, rinse thoroughly. Don't worry if the final rinse water is still slightly pigmented, it's just not stabilizing the pigment attached to the hair.

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