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Hair dye selection and hair coloring preparation

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Hair dye selection and hair coloring preparation

People who love beauty are trying fashionable hair dyeing, and the key to fashionable hair dyeing lies in the choice of hair dye color. After dyeing your hair, if you want the color to last longer, try not to use shampoo products that are too alkaline. Use hair care products after shampooing, otherwise, the pigment is easy to lose and the color is easy to fade.

Here is the content list:

  • About Our Black Hair Dye

  • Choice of hair dye and preparation before dyeing hair

About Our Black Hair Dye

Black hair dye is a hair cosmetic that changes the color of your hair. There are three different types of black hair dye: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Hair dye can color the hair. Hair coloring is a very common phenomenon when it comes to fashion, with about 90% of people dyeing their hair.

Black hair dye is divided into three types: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent according to the degree of dyeing durability and scale firmness. Among them, permanent hair dyes are the most common. Its main components are oxidation dyes (such as p-phenylenediamine and its derivatives), which become insoluble melanin after oxidation. It can not only cover the surface of the hair but also penetrate the inner layer of the hair to achieve a black and firm effect dyeing effect.

Choice of hair dye and preparation before dyeing hair

Hair dyes are available in a variety of hair colors. Hair dyeing is not only to dye black hair into a variety of gold, yellow,  brown, and other colors suitable for one's skin tone and personality to show charm, but also to make old people's white hair black. However, some products contain a large number of harmful ingredients such as phenylenediamine, which are very harmful to the human body. The raw materials of our hair dye come from herbal plants, which greatly reduces the harm of such carcinogens and is relatively safe to use.

Be sure to do a good job of protection before dyeing your hair. Wear an old piece of clothing when you dye your hair. Remember to wear plastic gloves. If hair dye gets on your hands, it can be difficult to wash it off. If you are coloring your hair for the first time, do an allergy test first. Test it by applying a small amount of hair dye to your ear. If there is no allergic reaction after 24 hours, you can continue to dye your hair.

Chenxin,, is a dynamic, creative, experienced, and responsible team. Everyone on the team is committed to providing the best products and services to our customers. Our company has developed a wide range of hair dyes which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. As a professional manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality hair dye. We have conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. You can consider using our cost-effective products.

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