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​Common sense of buying black hair shampoo

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​Common sense of buying black hair shampoo

Which is the best 5 mins speedy black shampoo? What is common sense in buying black hair shampoo? Today, the quality of black hair shampoo in the market is mixed. So, how to choose black hair shampoo scientifically? This article mainly tells you the relevant knowledge about buying black hair shampoo should be well-known, clear the logo, and distinguish between different properties.

Here is the content list:

  • Must have a regular production batch number

  • Try to buy well-known brands

  • Ask for relevant documents

  • Clear and complete

  • Other

Must have a regular production batch number

Regularblack hair shampoo has a production batch number. Its safety has been reviewed by the Ministry of Health and has obtained the approval number for special-purpose cosmetics from the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China. Products with the approval number of the health license and without the above batch number are illegal products, and consumers should not buy them.

Try to buy well-known brands

Now, there are many manufacturers of black hair shampoo with various brands. Some small-scale manufacturers may have some problems with quality control, while the quality control of hair dye shampoo of well-known brands of large enterprises is relatively strict, so consumers are When buying, try to buy hair coloring products from well-known brands from big manufacturers.

Ask for relevant documents

The Ministry of Health of my country has formulated the "List of Black Hair Shampoo Raw Materials (Trial)" to standardize the quality of raw materials for hair dyeing products and maximize the safety of dyes. Regular manufacturers will use p-phenylenediamine in strict accordance with this regulation. Manufacturers should have the approval number for special-purpose cosmetics of the Ministry of Health, and consumers are advised to ask for a copy of the approval document when purchasing the product.

Clear and complete

To buy hair color shampoo, you need to go to a regular shopping mall or supermarket. When buying, check whether the package is complete. Do not buy it if it is incomplete. The identification of the product should be clear. In addition to the production batch number and sanitation license number, the manufacturer, production address, product name, production date, safety warning, user guide, storage conditions that meet the shelf life and safety requirements, etc. should be marked clearly.


Black hair shampoo never sticks to the scalp, is easy to clean, and the formula is mild and fragrant without irritating odor. In addition, in general, the content of effective substances will affect the cleaning effect of hair color dye shampoo 2 in 1, but it is not that the higher the content, the better the effect.

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