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Classification of hair dyes

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Classification of hair dyes

With the continuous progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pursue shiny and attractive hair. Not everyone is born with hair like this. Intelligent human beings have developed various hair care products and hairdressing products. When a single hair color cannot meet people's needs, hair dye, a hair product known to modern people, appears. Its appearance brings a variety of brilliant colors to people's hair. Next, let's take a look at the classification of hair dyes.

Here is the content list:

  • Temporary hair dye

  • Semi-permanent hair dye

  • Permanent hair dye

Temporary hair dye

Temporary hair dyes are generally dyed with water-soluble dyes on the surface of the hair. Such hair dyes have poor color fastness and are easy to rinse off. Generally, alkaline, acidic, and dispersive macromolecular dyes can be used to make liquid or paste smear products. There is also a spray-like product made by dissolving the dye in the liquid medium of the aqueous polymer. Because it is attached to the surface of the hair, it does little damage to the hair and is generally used for performances, makeup, etc.

Semi-permanent hair dye

There are many semi-permanent hair dyes in the form of shampoos. When using, apply the shampoo to the hair and rub it, let the foam stay on the hair for 20-30 minutes, so that the dye molecules and the hair have time to penetrate. After the hair is dyed, rinse it off with watercolor. The dye molecules are smaller and can penetrate the top layer of the hair and partially into the cortex, making it more resistant to washing than temporary hair dyes.

Permanent hair dye

The so-called permanent hair dye does not mean that the hair will never fade after dyeing, but the effect lasts longer than the temporary and semi-permanent hair dye. But as hair grows naturally, new hair will appear. Because of the physiological characteristics of hair, the temperature for dyeing hair should not be too high, and the requirements for pH, corrosiveness, toxicity, etc. are relatively strict, which makes the penetration of polymer materials more difficult. Persistence hair dyes are divided into plant permanence, metal permanence, and oxidative permanence.

1. Plant persistence

The substances extracted from the stems and leaves of plants are used as raw materials to complete the dyeing through physical and chemical methods. This kind of pure natural plant hair dye is safe and non-toxic, but it is more expensive and needs to be technologically innovated.

2. Metal Persistence

The metal elements lead, silver, etc. in the dyeing raw materials of this hair dye are deposited on the surface of the hair, and the color is dull. However, due to the potential toxicity of heavy metals such as lead and silver to the human body, they are not used now.

3. Oxidative Persistence

At present, there are many types of oxidative persistent hair dyes on the market, such as various pastes, liquids, and hair dyeing shampoos. However, their main raw materials are still similar. They are composed of two preparations. A bottle of dye matrix, and a bottle of oxidant matrix, the two parts can be mixed into the dye. To color, your hair, mix two bottles in equal amounts and apply them evenly to your hair. The first agent is a dyeing agent, which is mainly composed of o- and p-phenylenediamine, an intermediate of oxidation dyes, together with an alkalizing agent, a chelating agent, etc. to form a dyeing agent. The second agent is a color developer. The main component of the developer (oxidant) is hydrogen peroxide, that is, hydrogen peroxide.

How it works: Mix two doses on the hair, the hair swells due to the alkaline substance in the first dose, and the cuticle is opened. The dye in the first dose and the hydrogen peroxide in the second dose penetrates the hair from the interstices of the cuticle. The dye intermediate reacts with the oxygen generated by the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, and the generated reactive oxygen species decomposes the melanin and decolorizes the hair. The dye intermediate itself is a colorless substance, but due to the action of hydrogen peroxide, it is oxidized and combined with the coloring agent in the first agent to form various colors. The oxidation dye is fixed inside the hair and is not easy to run off.

The above is the relevant content about the classification of hair dye, if you are interested in hair dye powder, hair color cream, or permanent hair dye, you can contact us, our website is

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