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Can I save my hair color cream for another use?

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Can I save my hair color cream for another use?

Each person's hair length is different and requires a different amount of hair color cream. If I find that I have leftover hair color cream but don't want to throw it away, can I keep it for the next use? Most hair color creams on the market have two components, a coloring cream and a color-developing cream, which need to be mixed and blended manually in equal proportions. Let's see if you can save the coloring cream for the next use!

Here is the content list:

  • Hair color creams that have not been mixed

  • Mixed hair color creams

  • How do I keep unused hair color cream?

Hair color creams that have not been mixed

Hair color creams that have not been blended and mixed can be used next time if they are kept well within their shelf life (it is recommended that they are used within six months). However, coloring creams are susceptible to deterioration due to environmental influences, so it is important to store them! It is important to keep these three things in mind: the product is sealed; the place is cool and the environment is dry. When storing hair color creams in general, keep the lid tightly closed and sealed. Store in a cool and ventilated place, in a dry environment, where the temperature does not change much, away from water sources and high temperatures, and prevent exposure to the sun.

Mixed hair color creams

If the hair color has been mixed, it should not be left until the next use. This is because some of the ingredients will react with the air after mixing, causing the hair color to deteriorate and lose its original coloring effect. When the hair color cream becomes discolored (dull), it is evidence that the hair color cream has begun to oxidize. In this case, it is best not to continue using it, even if it is not used up. Hair color is a way to pursue beauty, but healthy hair color is the ultimate in beauty, so it is better to dye your hair for beauty than to damage your health.

How do I keep unused hair color cream?

One-piece hair color cream: If you don't finish using this hair color cream, just tighten the lid and store it in a cool place away from the light for a month. But don't use this hair color cream for more than a month, as any hair color cream that has been opened will be contaminated.

Proportional hair color cream: if not used up, you can keep the peroxide and hair color cream separately. Note that both are kept sealed, not mixed, in a cool, dry place away from light for about three months.

Hair color creams are subject to change under the influence of cold, heat, and sunlight. Therefore, it is important to control the temperature of your hair color cream. Keeping it in a cooler place or screwing on the cap as soon as possible will usually keep it for a long time, although there is no way to keep it from deteriorating forever. It is also important to choose the right temperature for storage and to keep it in a place where there is little temperature change and where it will not be exposed to sunlight.

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